About ESR
ESR is APAC's largest real asset manager powered by the New Economy and the third largest listed real estate investment manager globally. Our fully integrated development and investment management platform extends across key APAC markets, including China, Japan, South Korea, Australia, Singapore, India, New Zealand and Southeast Asia, representing over 95% of GDP in APAC, and also includes an expanding presence in Europe and the U.S. We provide a diverse range of real asset investment solutions and New Economy real estate development opportunities across our private funds business, which allow capital partners and customers to capitalise on the most significant secular trends in APAC. ESR aspires to operate sustainably and impactfully, and we consider the environment and the communities in which we operate as key stakeholders of our business.
US$140.2 billion
Total AUM1
Public REITs
US$59 billion
New Economy AUM2
  • Includes the AUM of associates (Cromwell and Kenedix) as of 31 December 2021
  • Includes ARA LOGOS Logistics Trust, ESR-REIT and ESR Kendall Square REIT as of 31 December 2021
Our Businesses
Driven by key pillars of investment, fund management and development, ESR offers a diverse suite of private real estate funds and REIT products that embrace every stage of the asset life cycle in the New Economy and prime commercial sectors. We also develop and manage a network of superior logistics, data centre and commercial assets across APAC's most dynamic growth markets.
New Economy
New Economy

New Economy

ESR is APAC's largest New Economy real estate platform with industry-leading AUM, development work-in-progress, development pipeline and market position. By bringing together the region's leading logistics real estate and data centre specialists - ESR and LOGOS, our New Economy platform has expanded its footprint to 10 countries which represent over 95% of GDP in APAC.


With 14 listed REITs managed by the Group and its associates, ESR is the largest sponsor and manager of REITs in APAC with a total AUM of US$45 billion. This positions us well to capitalise on the financialisation of real estate in APAC where, driven by the support of new REIT legislation and growing demand for professional and institutional ownership and management of real estate, REITs are emerging in various key markets.

Private Funds
Private Funds

Private Funds

ESR's integrated fund management platform comprises private third-party investment vehicles across multiple asset classes, strategies, risk profiles and geographies. These private vehicles, together with the public REITs, form a fully integrated closed-loop solutions ecosystem that allows global capital partners to divest Grade A commercial real assets and redeploy the capital back into New Economy real estate. Our network of blue-chip capital partners includes active relationships with nine of the world's top 20 capital partners, representing more than 40% of global real estate allocations.
Associates &
Associates & Others

Associates & Others

Complemented by operations in adjacent segments including property management and infrastructure investment, as well as investments in our associates, ESR has created an integrated real asset investment and management ecosystem across APAC.
Our Purpose
Space and Investment Solutions for a Sustainable Future
ESR is APAC's leading real asset manager powered by the New Economy. On the back of the accelerating advancement, broad-based adoption and high frequency usage of technology, we are witnessing a once-in-a-multi-generation change in real estate and our vision is to deliver a fully integrated solution to leading global capital partners and customers. As a part of this continuous pursuit, we will leverage our scale, extensive offerings, capabilities and resources to provide a suite of best-in-class real estate development products and real asset investment solutions that spur meaningful, long-term sustainable growth of the business, the economy and the environment. We are fully focused on contributing to a positive impact for our employees, customers, investors and the communities around us.
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Our Values
Our ambitions as a firm extend well beyond the pursuit of financial success. We provide innovative space and sustainable investment solutions that benefit the people and communities around us. We seek to achieve sustainable growth through a harmonious balance of personal, professional, and social values - pillars that define and set us apart as a great company.

We strive for excellence in every aspect of our business. We maintain high standards of performance and accountability, and we seek to learn, explore and improve continuously.


We embrace diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace. We believe trust and mutual respect among colleagues, partners and stakeholders are cornerstones of growth and success.


Our entrepreneurial spirit reflects our passion, courage and desire to succeed and ultimately drives the creation of opportunities and the delivery of superior outcomes in a competitive marketplace.


Sustainability is central to our mission because we aspire to improve the environmental prospects of our planet. Our responsibilities to stakeholders, local communities and the world at large grow in tandem with our business. Accordingly, we commit to lead and embrace the highest standards of governance in forging a path to become a carbon neutral business.

Jeffrey David Perlman
Charles Alexander de Portes
Hu Wei
David Alasdair William Matheson
Lim Hwee Chiang John PBM
Dr. Chiu Kwok Hung, Justin
Rajeev Kannan
Brett Harold Krause
The Right Honourable,
Sir Hugo George William Swire, KCMG, MP
Simon James McDonald
Liu Jingsheng
Robin Tom Holdsworth
Shen Jinchu, Jeffrey
Executive Director, Co-founder & Co-CEO
Stuart Gibson
Executive Director, Co-founder & Co-CEO
Shen Jinchu, Jeffrey
Executive Director, Co-founder & Co-CEO
Stuart Gibson
Executive Director, Co-founder & Co-CEO
Cho Wee Peng
Group Chief Financial Officer
Josh Daitch
Group Head, Capital & New Economy Fund Management
Mark Hwang
Group Head of Legal
Lilian Lee
Group Chief Corporate Officer
Zoe Shou
Group General Counsel
Tang Boon Kang
Group Head,
Governance & Sustainability
Sanghwoi Bae
Chief Executive Officer,
ESR KendallSquare REIT
David Blight
Chief Executive Officer,
ARA Australia
Justina Chiu
Chief Executive Officer,
Fortune REIT
Chong Kee Hiong
Chief Executive Officer,
Suntec REIT
Adrian Chui
Chief Executive Officer &
Executive Director, ESR-REIT
Mark Ebbinghaus
Chief Executive Officer,
ARA Europe
Trent Iliffe
Managing Director and Co-CEO, LOGOS
Anthony Kang
Chief Executive Officer,
ARA Korea
Jihun Kang
Chief Investment Officer,
ESR KendallSquare
Lee Jin Yong
Chief Executive Officer,
ARA US Hospitality Trust
Abhijit Malkani
Chief Executive Officer,
ESR India
John Marsh
Managing Director and Co-CEO, LOGOS
Hideaki Matsunami
Managing Director,
ESR Japan
Thomas Nam
Chief Executive Officer,
ESR KendallSquare
Philip Pearce
Chief Executive Officer,
ESR Australia
Moses Song
Chief Executive Officer,
ARA Asset Management Limited
Mavis Wong
Chief Executive Officer, Prosperity REIT
Zhou Bo
Chief Operating Officer,
ESR China
Investor Relations
Creating long-term and sustainable value for shareholders is one of our primary goals. At ESR, we place great emphasis on cultivating strong relationships with our stakeholders. We communicate with shareholders, investors, analysts, fund managers, and the public frequently and transparently, providing regular, relevant information on the Group's corporate and business developments.
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